from consultation to completion…

ec1 Project Management

“from consultation to completion” we will look after you every step of the way.

Even before you place your order with ec1 Design, our project management will begin. Once you’ve decided when you’d ‘ideally’ like the kitchen to be installed, we will then look after everything else.

We will produce a detailed set of M&E drawings, these will indicate where all your electrical and plumbing connections need to be. Your builder, architect, interior designer will have all the information they need. We will also meet with them on-site to run through the M&E spec and of course talk through any design details or technical solutions.

Site visits will be made regularly by us to check the progress of the works, be it a simple refurbishment of existing space, an extension or a new-build project. We will ensure the dimensions are as per drawings and alter accordingly, so when the kitchen arrives it’s a perfect fit. We will also be looking at site progress to check the project is running on time, if not, we will alter delivery dates to suit. You will be informed every step of the way.

Once we get close to the installation date, our fitting team will do a site check themselves, this enables the install to run smoothly from day one, they know where the kitchen is within the house, where to direct the delivery team, they will have also met the foreman in advance. All these things really help make the task run as smoothly as possible.

A typical kitchen installation is broken down into the following stages: –

  • 1st fix – installation of furniture and appliances (where required, sometimes it suites to install these on 2nd fix) – typically 4 to 5 days, depending on kitchen size, can be less can be more.
  • Worktop template – usually carried out on the last day of 1st fix or as soon as possible after. Production of worktops is 7 – 10 working days and during this time we are usually off site.
  • Worktop installation – 1 day.
  • 2nd fix and plumbing connections – usually the day after worktop installation, this is where we’ll connect all the appliances, plumb in the sink, taps and dishwasher, fit the hob into the worktop and generally make sure the kitchen is operational.
  • Templating of splashback material – whether glass, mirror or stone, these can only be templated once the worktops have been installed. These also have a production time of 7 – 10 working days.
  • Handover – we will meet with you to run through the kitchen to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Rubbish will be removed from site after each stage, this can only be the rubbish generated by EC1, we have strict rules to adhere to from our delivery team.

You will be updated at each stage with exactly what is happening and when it is happening.  We understand that having a kitchen replaced can be disruptive to everyday life, but we hope that with our guidance and support we can provide an experience and service that far exceeds your expectations.

ec1’s Chris McGovern, was formerly the project director at Neil Lerner for more than two decades. In this capacity Chris has dealt with every conceivable type of kitchen installation scenario, from tiny inaccessible kitchens with very limited access to large 7th floor penthouses with only hoist access. Not only has he project managed hundreds of London installations, Chris has also managed installs much further afield, such as Cornwall, Aberdeen & Courchevel.  Rest assured your project is in very capable hands.


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